Whether you're looking for a new website, design expertise, development support, our flexible options make it easy for you to get the services you need.


Landing Page Website

Start with the essentials

Landing page websites are not only cost-effective but they’re great for time sensitive projects. They offer the advantage to focus on specific campaigns, promotions, or lead generation initiatives. Our landing pages are designed to convert and we help you set up the tools needed to track and analyze performance so you can optimize for the best results.

Timeline: 3 weeks

Custom Website

Establish an online presence

Suitable for businesses where the primary goal is to provide key information and establish an initial online presence. If you’re not planning to do regular content updates, standard websites offer the flexibility for future growth.

Timeline: 4+ weeks

Figma Design to Webflow

Share your design file with us

Experience the seamless transformation of your Figma designs into static and dynamic websites through Webflow. The Higher Ground Studio team will translate your creative vision into code-free, responsive layouts that maintain pixel-perfect precision.


Site Migration

Transfer your platform to Webflow

Ready to elevate your website to new heights? Our web studio specializes in site migration, effortlessly transferring your existing platform to the powerful capabilities of Webflow. Whether you're coming from WordPress, Wix, or any other platform, we ensure a smooth transition with no data loss or downtime.



Create a more streamlined web experience

From automated form submissions to dynamic content updates, we leverage Webflow's user-friendly interface to establish seamless, responsive workflows by integrating third-party tools for efficient task automation.


White-label web design

Partner with our co-founders

Are you looking to enhance your brand's identity in creating stunning marketing websites in Webflow? We'll help you design and build websites that make you look good.


Webflow Development

Plug in a Webflow Expert into your team

Collaborate with one of our Webflow Experts or work directly with Armando, to receive expert guidance on best practices, hands-on support for development, and tailored advice to enhance your Webflow projects.


UX/UI Design

Plug in a UX/UI Designer into your team

Collaborate with our UX/UI Designer and Co-founder, Maria, who has experience in both mobile apps and web design. Leverage her expertise to create a user-centric website that seamlessly integrates best practices for optimal user experience and conversion.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get a quote?

To get a quote, you can fill out a form (takes less than 20 seconds) or schedule an introduction meeting where we'll discuss your project and understand your needs. During this meeting, we'll also share insights into our work process and the solutions we can provide. If there's a mutual fit, we'll send you a detailed proposal with three investment options to choose from.

When are you available to start?

We book projects 2-4 weeks in advance, contingent on project scale. If you are looking to get started sooner, please contact us and we’d love to see how we can support you best. As we limit ourselves to 5 projects per quarter to maintain high-quality service, availability may vary, so early booking is advised as spots fill up fast. Submit an inquiry (takes less than 20 seconds).

How big is your team?

Our tiny but mighty team consists of two experienced co-founders—a dedicated designer and Webflow developer. This unique structure sets us apart from both large agencies and freelancers. Our lean structure distinguishes us from larger agencies, prioritizing individualized attention and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, our model differs from hiring freelancers by offering a comprehensive range of services through specialized partnerships, providing clients with a versatile and client-focused solution in the marketplace. Schedule a call to learn more.

How do you partner with agencies?

Whether you're looking for a comprehensive in-house solution with both of us or need specific design or development tasks handled separately, we tailor our services to meet your unique project requirements. For agencies requiring ongoing support, we are open to discussing retainer options covering design, development, or both, providing priority access, discounted rates, and dedicated resources. Are you interested in a partnership? Let’s chat.

What is your process like for agencies?

In the design stage, we work closely with the agency, ensuring a seamless integration of branding elements and alignment with the client's expectations. The agency leads the discovery and strategy phases, sharing insights for cohesive brand representation. Through iterative feedback, we refine designs to guarantee a unified brand experience, making certain that the final product meets both agency and client expectations. Read more about Our Approach.

Do you have experience in my industry?

While we've successfully collaborated with diverse industries, such as software, marketing, real estate, hospitality, and life sciences, our strength lies in our versatile approach. We intentionally tailor our process to be universally effective, irrespective of industry. This flexibility ensures that our focus is consistently on understanding the unique needs of each client, allowing us to bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to any sector. View Our Portfolio.

Do you accept eCommerce projects?

Absolutely! We have experience in eCommerce and accept them on a selective basis. Our studio initially specialized in Webflow and Shopify, and while we still welcome eCommerce projects, we now primarily host them on Shopify due to certain limitations in Webflow. Schedule a call to learn more.

What’s your pricing structure?

Our payment structure involves a 50% upfront deposit to initiate the project, demonstrating a shared commitment to its success. The remaining 50% is billed upon completion and delivery of the project. We are open to accommodating individual financial considerations through discussion of a flexible payment plan. Schedule a call to learn more.